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Stainless Steel Base For Using Any Series Shaker In The Lab
The HEAVYBASE accessory is simply a very heavy 9 lb. block of stainless steel used to mount any of our shakers to for a very secure base. It is useful in the lab to keep a shaker from vibrating off a table and to keep it steady in one spot on your workbench, while you work with it during setup or evaluations. It has rubber feet on the bottom for a good grip to your work surface. There are finger slots under the base to allow for easy operator gripping when you need to move or reposition it.


  • Stainless steel for easy wipe down and cleanliness.
  • Bottom rubber feet for a good desktop grip.
  • Heavy enough to keep a shaker running at top speed from vibrating or walking away.
  • Finger slots for ease of lifting.
  • Mounting hardware included to secure a shaker to the block.


Shaker Mounting Uses the standard bottom mounting threads in the shaker, plus included machine screws, to secure the shaker to the HEAVYBASE.
Weight 9.00 pounds (4.08 kg)
Dimensions 4.70" (119.4mm) width, 7.40" (188mm) length, 1.46" (37mm) height
Material Stainless steel. Rubber feet.
Warranty Two year limited replacement warranty.
EAN Code EAN 0700371289591: HEAVYBASE


Ordering Information

Part Number: HEAVYBASE. Shaker mounting hardware included.
USD $365.00, Quantity 1

What's In The Box

Box size: 9.5" x 8.0" x 3.25" (241mm x 203mm x 82.5mm).
Box weight: 9.1 lbs. (4.128kg).
Two each 10/32 1" socket head screws, stainless steel
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